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Buy & sell over the counter with Bitcoin42, meanwhile we build Nighttrader; DEX & multisig wallet

OTC Chat

Buy and sell popular digital currencies directly in Telegram chat

Privacy intact

No cloud, no leaks, no sharing unless required by court order

Double deposit escrow protection

For added trust, we can enter into BitBay Markets DDE smart contracts

Mobile friendly & fair pricing

All can be done by phone & at reasonable fees of 0.25% to 5%

Coming soon: Nighttrader MSig DEX!

World class, decentralized multi signature wallet and exchange

We can't Access your Funds.

Client side generated key password will give you control of your keys, your coins

Multi Signature Protected

Cryptocurrency stored on our site will be extra secured with 2 of 2 signatures

World Class & Fast DEX

With our unique IOU system we have a faster exchange than other DEX's in the industry

DeFi Liquidity & Passive Income

Profit passively from trades on NightTrader simply because you make it liquid

Unfilled Market & Unique Tech

Unlike Ethereum DEX's this exchange runs on UTXO Coins such as Bitcoin! Join an unfilled market share

Private & Frictionless

Unique legal setup allows frictionless user management and is hardcore privacy focused

Store your crypto and track your portfolio

  • All your Coins in One Secure Multisignature Wallet
  • Uses Threshold Keys (Similar to Shamir's Secret Sharing) & Decentralized Nodes
  • Open Source Frontend & Ready to Market as Whitelabel Product
  • Provides Deadman Switch & Backup Solution in Case of a Force Majeure
  • Protected from Hacking, Phishing and Supply Chain Attacks
  • Protected from Improper Seizue, Natural Disasters, Sim Swaps, Insider Fraud
  • Protected from In-Person Attacks, Accidental Loss, Device Failure & More


The Idea Begins

Everything starts to fall into place! After another year of private Beta testing we prepare for the launch in 2021. Stay tuned!

The Idea Solidifies

Another piece of the puzzle gets created. A company in the Seychelles and Sweden to legitimize business worldwide and within Europe. Many new insights and progress into architecture and design is made! With's dynamic peg, a successful beta exchange was completed.

The Idea was Born

Knowing decentralized exchanges are a vital part of the overall cryptocoin infrastructure, we started research and development a long time ago! One piece of the puzzle was the creation of NAOME S.A.P.I. de C.V. in Mexico, as one of the first legal entities dealing with everything around cryptocurrencies and shaping legal foundations of regulations to come.


Beta Test Launch

During summer we will invite our community to test the multisignature wallets, backup recovery tools and limited trading.

Soft Launch

Once beta testing of functionality, security, reliablity and performance is complete we will make the front end design more attractive with tradingview charts and other UI/UX tweaks. During this phase we can launch to the public without marketing; A so called soft launch.

Further milestones

Optimized customer support channels, FAQ's and how to use the exchange instructions. Well documented API with end user integration, to enable 3rd party applications. More coin listings.

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